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Saint-Uze, Revol manufacture

Located in a small village in the Drôme, the Revol factory has been making porcelain for more than two centuries in a factory that has grown from generation to generation. Located between Lyon and Valence, the factory is at the same time a place of production, a head office and a place of reception.

The time of a dinner, under the stars invests the green park of the Revol porcelain factory. Come and experience an immersion in a producer like no other, who makes products that are not edible, but which serve as a canvas for the world's greatest chefs. The place is full of history, heritage, energy and innovation. It's amazing to think that so many beautiful objects come out of these walls...

Thanks to Revol for the welcome!



Jacques and Régis Marcon

For this first dinner under the stars within the walls of Revol, it was more than natural to call upon Chefs Régis and Jacques Marcon. Their close relationship with Revol for many years, their commitment and the homage they pay every day to nature and producers, make them the perfect ambassadors for the launch of this unique evening.

Their cuisine is an ode to nature.
For the occasion, they have selected producers from the Drôme to make you discover them.

Chef Régis Marcon prepares a unique dinner, which celebrates the land, the artisans and the plates that serve as support and magnificent inspiration for his sublime creations!

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Chefs Marcon


Founded in 1834 on the hill of L'Hermitage, in Tain L'Hermitage, the Maison Paul Jaboulet Aîné embodies the quintessence of the great wines of the Northern Rhône Valley! The historic House is in the hands of the talented and passionate oenologist and winemaker, Caroline Frey since 2006.

"Because there are no great wines without great grapes", the Maison Paul Jaboulet Aîné attaches the greatest importance to respecting the terroir and the vines. Under the leadership of Caroline Frey, the vines are cultivated organically and biodynamically, using horse and mule ploughing to aerate the soil and encourage microbiological life and the rooting of the vines.

Jean-Luc Chapel, sommelier and ambassador of the brand, has chosen the wines that will accompany the dinner of Chef Régis Marcon.

Discover very soon the producers chosen by the Marcon Chefs.

Producteurs Dromois


Partenaires Saint-Uze
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à la belle étoile dinner

Meet us on
Friday July 9th

Dinner in the park of the Revol Porcelaine factory in Saint-Uze

Chefs Régis and Jacques Marcon
Paul Jaboulet Aîné wine agreement


Programme Saint-Uze


We recommend the following addresses:


Hotel les Amandiers

Ibis Saint Rambert d'Albon

Domaine des Buis


To come to Saint-Uze
By train:
Saint-Vallier station, then 5km by car
From Paris: take the train to Lyon or Valence

By car:
75km from Lyon
36km from Valence
100km from Grenoble


If you have specific questions about this event please contact us

Arriver à Saint-Uze
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