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A la belle étoile
for an immersive outdoor culinary experience
Unique gastronomic dinners, shows and private events



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This year, we will be present in Beaujolais with two À la Belle Étoile dinners this summer and immersive shows at Jean Loron's.

We will also meet you in Arles for the inauguration of the Regains site and banquet dinners.

This summer, you can find us at Zone Sensible, where we offer unique personalized experiences before, during, and after the 2024 Olympics.
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"Come and experience a culinary journey... from the earth, to the plate, to the stars... All this in a magical setting, with these men and women who work in the field, and sublimate the products. Connect with producers, in beautiful places in France!"

Tenaya, Founder

Dîner gastronomique plein air Paris. A la Belle Etoile, Vivez une expérience culinaire unique sous les étoiles avec notre dîner gastronomique en plein air. Diner immersif sur mesure à la belle étoile.


A la belle étoile was born in summer 2020

A desire for nature, the outdoors, real products, a plate that tells a story... the story between the field, chefs and artisans. 

Our first unusual gastronomic dinners took place on the splendid site of Saint-Amour Bellevue, in the heart of the Revol Porcelaine factory, as well as at the Vieille Ferme de Grasse. We had the creative idea to offer unique and immersive culinary events in France, either in places belonging to French heritage or outdoors, inspired by the American experience of Tenaya Santos Da Silva, founder of A la Belle Étoile , within the team of the prestigious event Epicurean Nights. Our ambition is to design immersive tailor-made dinners, awakening the taste buds of gourmets and lovers of gourmet cuisine, by promoting local and fresh products as well as the vineyards of our region. We collaborate with passionate chefs, sensitive to the short circuit and the work of local producers to create an immersive culinary experience that brings people closer to all that makes sense. All followed by impeccable service, as in a gourmet restaurant. To meet this ambition, we have created Asteria, a company specializing in the organization of original gastronomic events, with a wine list carefully selected by our sommeliers, and a gastronomic space designed to offer a tasty and unique experience. . Throughout the seasons, we offer tastings of creative, refined and tasty cuisine, orchestrated by starred chefs and supported by prestigious partners such as Les Sublimeurs, Revol, Le Cru Saint-Amour, L'Atelier du Vin and Alain Milliat. We are real spotters of talented chefs capable of developing gastronomic tables that have no equal in France. Our innovative approach is likely to interest French companies with an exceptional industrial heritage who wish to organize corporate culinary events or company evenings, looking for an intimate and spectacular experience to impress their audience.

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