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For this third edition in immersion in the vineyards of Saint-Amour, we propose a slightly different program and above all several nice surprises.


We will meet you again, weather permitting, at Ma chambre à Saint-Amour, in the garden of this beautiful property which is an outstanding guest house in the region. The large tables laid out in the grass, offer a breathtaking panorama, which will serve as a picture for dinners under the stars.


On the program this year:


three dinners,


three visits of cellars,


two plays in one on two performances.

Diner in the vineyards of Saint-Amour Bellevue

Book your ticket for the dinner and visit of the cellar


Bastien de Changy


Bastien de Changy is a self-taught, committed and passionate chef.

He defines himself as "nomadic and eco-responsible".

Cooking is a second life, but also a way for him to express his creativity, to transmit the strong values that inhabit him: those of commitment to the earth and people.

After graduating from a business school and running his own events company for 7 years, he dropped everything, locked himself up at home and started cooking. Then, he signed up for MasterChef, passed the castings one after the other and finished 10th at only 25 years old.

After an experience in Quebec, Bastien came back to France and went through different restaurant adventures with the same vision:

"Cooking is for me a way to communicate and share. The respect of seasons, products from a reasoned agriculture, a minimized waste and a lot of passion."

Private chef for prestigious guests, animator, educator... Bastien chooses projects that he is passionate about and that fit him well!

We are thrilled to be doing this first series of dinners in collaboration with him. For this occasion, Bastien will choose local producers to offer a 100% local and seasonal menu.





The dinner is once again built around local and seasonal products but also and especially around the wines of the Cru Saint-Amour...

This year we propose to discover the wines in two times:

the time of a visit of a particular domain (two sessions will be organized on Friday and Saturday) and the time of a dinner.

The Saint-Amour cru, the smallest of the Beaujolais crus, is born in a vineyard almost exclusively located in Saône et Loire.

If you do not know it yet, you will discover balanced wines, with gamay grape variety, a ruby color and aromas of kirsch, spices and reseda, a tender and harmonious body.

Come and discover the area, the winemakers, the wines and the stories of the men and women who produce this wine with love!

Wines served during the dinner:

Domaine de la Pirolette 

Domaine des Pins

Château de la Greffière

Domaine Chardigny

Jean Curial

Winery tours :

Domaine de la Pirolette 


Château la Romancière

Domaine des Ravinets

Domaine du Paradis


Augustin is a passionate market gardener who works to the rhythm of the seasons, and opens every day so that his plants, his edible flowers, his ancient vegetables, his varieties of micro pods, but also his animals are at their best.

His clientele includes demanding and passionate chefs and cooks. To walk through Augustin's garden is to discover a little piece of paradise located in Cenves.


For the occasion, Augustin offers you a selection of his most beautiful creations, straight out of the earth, grown with love.

Capture d’écran 2022-06-22 123507.png
laurent janaudy 1.jpg

Laurent Janaudy, vegetable farmer

Former hotelier, Laurent Janaudy became a market gardener 7 years ago. Specializing in forgotten vegetables and ancient plants, he prioritizes traditional, chemical-free farming methods. Laurent's products are also featured on the menus of the region's top restaurants.

Located in Boudans, La Ferme Auberge La Bonardière is an authentic Bressan farmhouse. Nicolas raises the famous Bresse poultry there, as well as capons, pullets, and turkeys. The poultry is certified with protected designation of origin, raised free-range, and fed with the farm's own cereals.


Oil mill since 1880, the Huilerie Beaujolaise passes on an ancestral know-how through its products, where traditions and terroir values intertwine to give birth to 100% natural and additive-free virgin oil. One fruit, one oil!

The Chef will have the opportunity to use their oils to enhance his dishes during the dinners!

Distillerie fondée en 1891, Jacoulot a su, au fil du temps, asseoir sa réputation dans la région et dans le monde notamment grâce à ses Marcs et Fines de Bourgogne, élaborés selon les méthodes artisanales, dans le respect des traditions.

À l'occasion des dîners dans les vignes, venez déguster leurs eaux-de-vie, dont leurs Fines de Bourgogne.

Other producers will be announced soon.

Copie de phcavaeau1.jpg

Distillery founded in 1891, Jacoulot has been able to establish its reputation over time in the region and worldwide, notably thanks to its Marcs and Fines de Bourgogne, crafted using artisanal methods, respecting traditions.

During the vineyard dinners, come and taste their brandies, including their Fines de Bourgogne.

Copie de phcavaeau1.jpg

As a manufacturer of fruit juices with a unique expertise, Alain Milliat's precious nectars offer an explosion of flavors from the very first sip.

His juices will be available for tasting during the dinners.

Vincent Raulin, an artisan beekeeper in South Burgundy, produces and harvests high-quality honeys with added value and pure, authentic flavors.

His breeding apiary, located at his home, consists of around a hundred beehives. He works with Buckfast bees, known for their productivity and gentle nature, and takes care of them throughout the year.

Capture d'écran 2023-05-11 125543.png

For 30 years, this company has specialized in the smoking of fish and poultry. Established in the heart of the Dombes, in the middle of the ponds, they work with local products such as carp. As artisan smokers, their methods are based on age-old manufacturing methods.


Baroque theatre

The dinners will be punctuated by short interventions by the actors of the company Le Théâtre Les Pieds Nus. ​


In order to prolong your experience, we also invite you to attend the baroque play which will take place in the church of Saint-Amour Bellevue on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. ​


But what is Baroque theatre? It is about the theater of the 17th century and the authors who composed it (Molière, Racine, Corneille, La Fontaine, etc.), and the form that was specific to their plays at the time. Performed in a very specific way and according to precise codes, with shimmering make-up, a specific gesture and pronunciation, all lit by candlelight.

affiche Molière Saint-Amour.JPG


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A la belle étoile dinners, June 29th, June 30th, July 1st

Meet us on
Thursday June 29th
Intimate dinner in the vineyards

160 euros TTC

Food and Wine pairing
Musical interlude


Visit of winecellars included with the dinner


Visits of the most incredible winecellars of the Cru Saint-Amour

Friday, June 30th // 5:30pm-6:30pm

Saturday, July 1st // 5:30pm-6:30pm

Theatre Piece
Barefoot theatre

L'Avare et les Précieuses Ridicules

Baroque theatre

Saturday, July 1st // 3pm-5pm
Sunday, July 2nd // 2pm-4pm



Tickets available in May



To come to Saint-Amour
By train:
Macon Loché - 1h35 from Paris gare de Lyon
Lyon - Macon city - 30 minutes
By car:
400 km from Paris
150 km from Geneva
65 km from Lyon
12 km from Macon City
8 km from Macon L.oché


If you have specific questions about this event please contact us

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