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Saint-Amour Bellevue
In the heart of the vineyards

Saint-Amour lives up to its name. It is a place for lovers.
Lovers of life, of wine, of the land.
It is also one of the ten great Beaujolais crus but also one of the smallest appellations (5% of all the crus). Its vineyard covers 319 ha, at the extreme end of the Beaujolais. It is entirely located in the department of Saône-et-Loire, a dozen kilometers from Mâcon.

A la belle étoile" will take place in the vineyards of Saint-Amour for a weekend that will honor the wines of the Beaujolais region as part of the "Bienvenue en Beaujonomie" festival.

The dinner on Friday evening, July 2nd will take place in the vineyards of Laurence's family, in their beautiful domain Ma chambre in Saint-Amour.

The producer's market will take place on the town hall square and the picnic basket can be enjoyed in the vineyards for a moment of total immersion. The winemakers of Saint-Amour, will taste their wines on the central square.

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producteurs saint amour non édité


Passionate breeder and recognized by the great chefs of the region for his breeding: Quintart Pigeons. Pierre-Eudes has been breeding pigeons in the respect and comfort of the animal since 2016. Epicurean by nature, he chose to focus on the exclusive production of exceptional squabs. He ensures the entirety of the stages, from the birth of the birds until their marketing. His goal: to satisfy the lovers of noble products! His products will be honored by Chef Hamano during the dinner on July 2nd. He will also be present at the market on Saturday 3rd.


A family business since 1981, L'huilerie Beaujolaise has a philosophy carried by Jean-Marc Montegottero, artisanal oil maker: "to offer an authentic and healthy product of exception, resulting from an entirely artisanal production". These exceptional oils and vinegars have an undeniable reputation among great chefs who are seduced by the tradition and modernity of this French artisanal production in the heart of Beaujolais.


Vincent Raulin, artisan beekeeper in South Burgundy, produces and harvests honeys of very good quality, with high added value and pure and authentic flavors. He lives in the Charolais-Brionnais, a land of livestock and hedgerows, rich in biodiversity. He works with about 300 production hives, which he has installed in different apiaries, in meadows, along hedges and forests, near the Loire or in the Morvan massif. His breeding apiary, located at his home, has about a hundred hives. He works with buckfast bees, renowned for their productivity and kindness, which he looks after all year round.


Two Dudes is a brewer, a cook and a lot of greed. Two companions united to transform the products that Madame Nature has kindly provided. They offer beers made with malt, hops, sugar, water and fruity yeast. They also offer pickles and rillettes!


Located in Blanot, in the highlands of the Mâconnais, this farm was created in 2012 by Marine, in 2017, Benoit joined her by setting up his own farm. Together they raise about forty cows of Charolais and Aubrac breeds, 150 ewes, laying hens and recently pigs in the open air. They work only with organic agriculture and attach great importance to the well-being of the animals. Come and discover their beautiful products: meat, terrines and fresh eggs. 


Fruit and vegetable growers in the Saône Valley, these producers offer organic fruits and vegetables that they grow on 14 hectares of orchards and 1.5 hectares of market gardening. They use neither chemicals nor weed killers and grow all the seasonal vegetables and others that are rarer (asparagus, artichokes, parsnips, crosnes, cardoons...).


Augustin is a market gardener in Cenves. After a career as a cook with great chefs, he fulfills his dream of a vegetable garden. For two years now, he has been delighting many chefs in the region. He produces vegetables, flowers and wild herbs of a quality that all the great chefs appreciate!


.The Safraneraie was created in 2015 and is now 2000m². Located in the part of Beaujolais called the "Pierres Dorées", implanted on a hillside of Pouilly le Monial very well exposed and whose slope allows a good drainage necessary to the culture of saffron, Philippe and Martha Lucia cultivate the flowers with passion. Their work is entirely manual, in particular the weeding and the culture is realized without any chemical product.


Located in the heart of the Beaujolais region, Gilles manages a heliciculture farm with more than 200 000 gastropods. He chooses to farm in the open air, fully respectful of the environment. His large grey snails (Helix Aspersa) are raised in grassy parks with a natural and wild flora. This demanding breeding guarantees a high level of quality in textures and flavors. With passion and know-how, he raises, transforms and offers for sale exceptional products!


After a professional career in the food industry, Didier launched in 2013 the creation of products from spices and aromatics, under the brand Gustibus and Coloribus. Through spices and peppers to spread and also marinades, I try to find another way to use and consume spices.


Tender and matured organic goat cheese is what the Ferme Le Carruge offers. Mâconnais, Pyramides, Bouchons beaujolais, petit coeurs. This biodynamic farm is worth a visit.


Located in Boudans, the Ferme Auberge La Bonardière is an authentic Bresse house. Nicolas raises the famous Bresse poultry but also capons, poulardes and turkeys. The poultry is certified with a protected designation of origin, raised in the open air and fed with the farm's own cereals.


Chevenet is a story of passion! When Louis CHEVENET gave in to his son's whim by offering him a little goat, he had no idea that he was going to change the future of the small family business and make it one of the European leaders in the production of goat cheese with an international reputation, thus perpetuating an activity that is complementary and traditional to the vineyards
of the Mâconnais. From the AOP to the cheese made to measure for Paul Bocuse, come and discover an exceptional cheese!


Chefs Saint Amour

La Marraine: Camille Maury

Camille is a young chef from Normandy who owes her notoriety to Objective Top Chef 2018 which she won with brio and then to her participation in Top Chef 2019 in Philippe Etchebest's brigade.

Camille has a special bond with Saint-Amour and it is quite natural that she will be the "godmother" of this 2021 edition.

Chef Masafumi Hamano

Friday night dinner will be provided by Chef Hamano and his brigade. Born in Fukuoka and passionate about cooking since he was a child, Masafumi Hamano arrived in France in 2004 in Nicolas Le Bec's team. In 2005, he became Chef de Cuisine of the restaurant "Au 14 février", in Saint-Valentin (Indre). Two other eponymous restaurants opened in Lyon and in Saint-Amour Bellevue where Chef Hamano finally settled in 2012. He obtained one and then two Michelin stars. His Franco-Japanese cuisine is known for being "set to the millimeter". Chef Hamano works with local products and has chosen two producers who will be honored during this dinner in the vineyards.

Chef Cyril Laugier

Chef Cyril Laugier fell in love with Saint-Amour in 1996. Today he runs an inn - L'Auberge du Paradis - a restaurant - Lucienne fait des siennes - and a Bistro - Joséphine à table. Cyril works with his wife Valérie and is fully invested in his village. His cuisine is generous, free, spicy and local. Cyril will concoct the Saturday's picnic basket with products from producers that he has handpicked!


A la belle étoile dinner

Meet us on
Friday July 2nd
Intimate dinner in the vineyards

Starred chef
Exceptional menu
Food and wine pairing and other surprises


Farmers' market

Meet producers selected by us for their exceptional products.
Meeting, tasting, purchase.
Sustainable market, reduced packaging.
Local and organic producers.
Wine tasting
Saturday July 3rd


Outdoor picnic

Picnic basket to enjoy in the vineyards
Each basket is made with care by renowned local chefs using the products of the producers.
Photo tour in the vineyards
Saturday July 3rd

Programme Sant-Amour


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Partenaires saint-amour



To come to Saint-Amour

By train:
Macon Loché - 1h35 from Paris gare de Lyon
Lyon - Macon city - 30 minutes
By car:
400 km from Paris
150 km from Geneva
65 km from Lyon
12 km from Macon City
8 km from Macon L.oché


If you have specific questions about this event please contact us

Venir à Saint-Amour

Tél: 07 86 76 22 57

Photos: Caroline Dejonghe

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