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Credit photo Jean Pierre Sageot


Zone Sensible, ferme maraîchère

In Saint-Denis, on the former Plaine des Vertus, the last remaining 19th century market garden farm at the gates of Paris has been taken over by the Parti Poétique and the Fermes de Gally, to create the Saint-Denis Urban Farm.

Opened in 2018, designed as an open-air creation laboratory, 500 meters from the metro, Zone Sensible combines the production of more than 200 plant species grown in permaculture with a program mixing artistic and cultural, educational and participatory offers that allow it to define itself today as a Center for the production of art and food.

Zone Sensible is also conceived as a place for learning and sharing knowledge, with the organization of educational workshops to raise awareness of art, the living world, the preservation of the environment and healthy and sustainable food.

The Poetic Party is also attentive to the fact that Zone Sensible becomes a resource place for the territory and its inhabitants, especially the most precarious, and thus develops solidarity actions: food aid (vegetable donations), free workshops and trainings etc.


Zone Sensible, Parti Poetique and A la belle étoile join forces to create gastronomic dinners in order to attract a new public to this place of culture, learning and sharing.

The goal of these dinners is to promote the actions of the Poetic Party and to make the association's initiatives known to the Parisian public and to raise awareness of this cause.

The chef chosen to cook during these dinners, is part of the responsible, local approach and already has a link with the activity of Zone Sensible.

We propose an immersive, timeless and committed dinner.

Part of the profits from these dinners will go directly to the association and will help finance other culinary, educational and artistic projects.

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Credit photo Anne-Claire Heraud



Credit photo Anne-Claire Heraud

Alessandra Montagne

It was an obvious choice to call on Alessandra Montagne for this first dinner. As a committed chef, she works with Zone Sensible, whether it is to supply her with products or to bring her compost.

Originally from Brazil, Alessandra arrived in France in 1997. Cooking became her profession much later. After having worked with great masters such as William Ledeuil or Adeline Grattard, the chef opened her first restaurant Tempero, then Nosso in Paris. The chef-owner is a fervent locavore and cooks almost exclusively with local products. Her cuisine takes us on a journey, not only to Brazil but also to Asia and Latin America.

When Alessandra comes to Zone Sensible, it is with Franck Ponthier, the head market gardener, that she finds her happiness.
There are nearly 130 varieties growing there. As many as the 130 nationalities that coexist in Saint-Denis. Gherkins from Russia, cucumbers from Mexico, zucchini from Algiers, sow thistle from the Maghreb (an excellent dandelion-like salad), okra and hibiscus...

Only ten or so Parisian restaurants have the privilege of also benefiting from these treasures. Not just any restaurants: the Plaza Athénée, Lucas Carton, the Meurice, Osteria, the Récho... and Alessandra's


The dinner will be accompanied by the wines of the Domaine des Pierrettes.
This domain is located on the south bank of the Loire, halfway between Blois and Amboise. Its 25 hectare vineyard extends to the gates of the domain and is crossed by the circuit of La Loire à Vélo.
They offer a nice range of white, rosé, red and sparkling wines.

The domain is currently in organic conversion since the end of 2020. It will be totally organic at the beginning of 2024.

Come check out their latest vintages - each wine has been carefully selected by Nosso's sommeliers to bring a nice pairing with the Chef's dishes.
A non-alcoholic grape juice option will also be available.



Zone Sensible
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REVOL porcelaine
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A la belle étoile dinner
Zone Sensible

Thursday September 22nd

Visit of the garden and the cultures with Franck Ponthier, general manager and head of culture of Zone Sensible
and discovery of the beehives with Olivier Darné, Plastic artist, urban bee breeder

Gastronomic dinner cooked on site by the Chef Alessandra Montagne
With local production as well as products from the Ile de France region

Wine agreement Domaine des Pierrettes




Access by metro: line 13 - stop Saint-Denis université - then walk 500m along the boulevard
Access by car, cab or uber


If you have specific questions about this event please contact us

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