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2024 Program

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14th & 15th of June

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25th & 26th of October

1st, 2nd, 8th & 9th of November

2024 is a year rich in shows, performances, and dinners! We invite you for the 4th consecutive year to the vineyards of Saint-Amour Bellevue. Two chefs, natives of the region, Jonathan Gomes Brandao and Marvin Brandao, will prepare a 100% local dinner with the producers of the region whom they already know very well. These two brothers, sons of Chef Maria Dias from the restaurant Le Coq a Juliénas, will come together for two evenings around a common menu. One is returning from New Zealand and is settling in France after several years abroad in renowned establishments. The other is already well established in Lyon with his pastry bakery Alma in the 6th arrondissement. This year, we are part of the programming of the Bienvenue en Beaujonomie festival which will take place on the weekend of June 14th to 16th.
Then in July, we will be delighted to set up our nomadic tables in the Arles region. Bees will be the main focus of these dinners. Come and experience a performance dinner around beeswax, in the new farmhouse of the Parti Poétique, at the gates of Arles. Artist and beekeeper Olivier Darné and researcher and chef Christophe Lavelle will take you on a journey of taste, colors, and scents! The program for these evenings is tailor-made for visitors to the photography encounters but also for the people of Arles. In collaboration with the Parti Poétique.
Finally, we will end the year with Act II of Jean and the Winery at the Jean Loron house. Three consecutive weekends in October and November to come and discover an immersive tasting experience, with a troupe of crazy actors, who will take you through the secrets of this beautiful house. Building on its success in 2023, the troupe returns with a new show that promises many surprises. Not to be missed under any circumstances!
Tickets for these dinners, which highlight seasonal products, local produce, and creative cuisine, will be available a few months before each event.

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