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For this fourth edition, diving into the vineyards of Saint-Amour-Bellevue, our À la Belle Étoile dinners are part of the "Bienvenue en Beaujonomie" program.

We invite you to meet us on the next 14th and 15th of June, at

Ma Chambre à Saint-Amour, in the garden of this beautiful property, a truly exceptional guest house in the region. The large tables set in the grass offer a breathtaking panorama, which will serve as the backdrop to the À la Belle Étoile dinners.

This year's program includes:

- Two dinners orchestrated by a duo of Chefs - a cook and a pastry chef, natives of the region

- The Bienvenue en Beaujonomie festival

Dinner in the vineyards of Saint-Amour-Bellevue

Book your ticket for the dinner and visit of the cellar


Jonathan Gomes Brandao
Head Chef

Originally from Burgundy, Jonathan grew up in the family restaurant environment where "eating well," craftsmanship, taste discovery, sharing, and passing on knowledge were a way of life. With his mother, Marie Dias, the owner-chef of Le Coq à Juliénas, and his brother, Marvin Brandao, owner-chef of the pastry shop Alma in Lyon, gastronomy is a family affair!

He embarked on his culinary journey at the age of fifteen, apprenticing at Relais de Montmartre (a Michelin-starred restaurant) before making his mark in Michelin-starred restaurants in France such as La Pyramide in Vienne, l’Arnsbourg in Alsace, the restaurant l’Abeille at the Shangri-La, and the Tour d’Argent in Paris. He then traveled the world to New Zealand, working at Huka Lodge and Kauri Cliffs (5-star luxury hotels and members of the prestigious "Les Grandes Tables du Monde") where he has been serving as head chef for 8 years.

An eclectic journey for a chef always guided by the same objective: excellence.

From Parisian and New Zealand palaces to small houses in Alsace and Burgundy, Jonathan is driven by the same impulse: to blend cultures, allowing room for a modern, light, and eco-responsible cuisine. Graphic, textured, and meticulously crafted, his cuisine delights in creativity with meticulous attention given to sauces. Technique, yes, but only in service of taste!

After a prolific fifteen years exploring flavors, Jonathan decides to return to where he began, aiming to become an owner himself, not lacking in knowledge but filled with culinary richness acquired through a cosmopolitan experience.


Marvin Brandao
Pastry Chef

Marvin Brandao, an exceptional pastry chef, began his journey in the family restaurant in Beaujolais, where he discovered his passion for pastry. Trained from the age of 15 under Joël Noyerie, a Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman of France), he then honed his art in prestigious establishments such as Sève in Lyon and Beau-Rivage Palace with Anne-Sophie Pic.

His talent led him to participate in the creation of a dessert restaurant at K2 Palace in Courchevel, awarded two Michelin stars, before venturing into prestigious palaces such as the Shangri-La and the George V as Deputy Head Pastry Chef.

Marvin took a decisive step by opening ALMA by Marvin BRANDAO with his partner Alice de Oliveira in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon. Their boutique, named after "soul" in Portuguese but also from the beginning of their two first names (Alice and Marvin), reflects their shared passion for pastry and their commitment to responsible gastronomy.

This respectful approach and their expertise earned Marvin the title of Pastry Chef of the Year at the Gastronomy and Wine Awards in Lyon in October 2023, recognizing his talent and dedication to the art of pastry.


The "Bienvenue en Beaujonomie" festival, taking place from June 14th to 16th, 2024, is a showcase of the gastronomy and viticulture of Beaujolais. This event brings together enthusiasts and connoisseurs around exceptional wines and local products, in a friendly and festive atmosphere.

Organized in emblematic locations of the region, the festival offers tastings, outdoor meals, and workshops, providing a total immersion into the culinary heritage of Beaujolais. Participants will have the opportunity to meet winemakers and artisans, thus discovering their expertise and passion.

It is with great pride that our "À la Belle Étoile" dinners in Saint-Amour-Bellevue are part of this exceptional festival. This integration highlights our commitment to valorize the treasures of the land and to offer unforgettable moments, immersed in the magic of Beaujolais. We are honored to contribute to this celebration of conviviality and culinary excellence, reflecting the spirit and richness of this beautiful region.



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The dinner is once again built around local and seasonal products but also and especially around the wines of the Cru Saint-Amour...

This year we propose to discover the wines in two times:

the time of a visit of a particular domain (two sessions will be organized on Friday and Saturday) and the time of a dinner.

The Saint-Amour cru, the smallest of the Beaujolais crus, is born in a vineyard almost exclusively located in Saône et Loire.

If you do not know it yet, you will discover balanced wines, with gamay grape variety, a ruby color and aromas of kirsch, spices and reseda, a tender and harmonious body.

Come and discover the area, the winemakers, the wines and the stories of the men and women who produce this wine with love!

Wines served during the dinner:


Augustin is a passionate market gardener who works to the rhythm of the seasons, and opens every day so that his plants, his edible flowers, his ancient vegetables, his varieties of micro pods, but also his animals are at their best.

His clientele includes demanding and passionate chefs and cooks. To walk through Augustin's garden is to discover a little piece of paradise located in Cenves.


For the occasion, Augustin offers you a selection of his most beautiful creations, straight out of the earth, grown with love.

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Laurent Janaudy, vegetable farmer

Former hotelier, Laurent Janaudy became a market gardener 7 years ago. Specializing in forgotten vegetables and ancient plants, he prioritizes traditional, chemical-free farming methods. Laurent's products are also featured on the menus of the region's top restaurants.


Laurent Janaudy, vegetable farmer

Former hotelier, Laurent Janaudy became a market gardener 7 years ago. Specializing in forgotten vegetables and ancient plants, he prioritizes traditional, chemical-free farming methods. Laurent's products are also featured on the menus of the region's top restaurants.


Oil mill since 1880, the Huilerie Beaujolaise passes on an ancestral know-how through its products, where traditions and terroir values intertwine to give birth to 100% natural and additive-free virgin oil. One fruit, one oil!

The Chef will have the opportunity to use their oils to enhance his dishes during the dinners!

Distillery founded in 1891, Jacoulot has been able to establish its reputation over time in the region and worldwide, notably thanks to its Marcs and Fines de Bourgogne, crafted using artisanal methods, respecting traditions.

During the vineyard dinners, come and taste their brandies, including their Fines de Bourgogne.

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As a manufacturer of fruit juices with a unique expertise, Alain Milliat's precious nectars offer an explosion of flavors from the very first sip.

His juices will be available for tasting during the dinners.

With a 3-hectare estate comprising 6000 m² of basins, a hatchery, and a processing laboratory, Pisciculture des sources de l'Être stands out for its commitment to responsible trout farming. Dedicated to both restocking waterways and producing quality processed products, it strives to respect the well-being and natural needs of the trout.

Find the delicious trout from Pisciculture des sources de l'Être at our vineyard dinners.


Fruto de Cacao embodies the very essence of Colombian cocoa, offering authentic bars crafted with passion and dedication. Supported by Aqui la Cooperativa, Fruto de Cacao celebrates the Colombian chocolate tradition while contributing to the local economy. Thanks to Aqui la Cooperativa, our dinners will provide the opportunity to discover and savor these chocolate delights, embodying the authenticity and generosity of Colombia.


Jason Del Campo is a composer and guitarist. After a first Ep Sage with the London label At-swim and producer Ian Dowling (Grammy winning engineer), the soundtrack of the film Atlantic Bar by director Fanny Molins (Cannes Acid Festival 2022, selection for best documentary César 2024), it is released his album Clavel Blanco in tribute to his grandmother, his family and his Spanish roots with an international tour planned for March/April 2024 (15 dates in France, England and Scotland, etc.).


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À la Belle Étoile dinners, 14th & 15th of June

Meet us on the

14th & 15th of June
Intimate dinner in the vineyards

160 euros (VAT inclusive)

Food and Wine pairing
Musical interlude




To come to Saint-Amour-Bellevue

(postal code 71570)
By train:
Macon Loché - 1h35 from Paris gare de Lyon
Lyon - Macon city - 30 minutes
By car:
400 km from Paris
150 km from Geneva
65 km from Lyon
12 km from Macon City
8 km from Macon L.oché


If you have specific questions about this event please contact us

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