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Spring 2024

For the second consecutive year and after the success of the dinners of four protagonists in the ENCUENTRO en 2022Sublimeurs and à la belle étoile are setting the scene again, in the regions this time, with a very specific objective in mind: that of promoting producers and the gastronomy of Hauts de France.

Sublimeurs federates and animates a collective of more than 150 chefs, producers & artisans of the food trades who make the committed gastronomy of Hauts-de-France. Members are rigorously selected on the basis of the quality of their products, the authenticity of their know-how and their social and environmental responsibility.
In order to highlight this know-how, Sublimeurs is joining forces with A la belle étoile to offer committed dinners, an opportunity for chefs to promote the products of their producers and artisans, by involving them fully in the experience, by their presence and testimony that punctuate these dinners.

Discover below the program of the second edition, a first in the Touquet region.

Diner in Le Touquet

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As the name suggests, this innovative and ingenious company upcycles glass bottles, transforming them into various everyday objects. Glasses, carafes, cutting boards, and even candle holders are among the many options.

Located in Le Touquet, their factory will host the dinner, providing an opportunity to discover this wonderful production site and its products, showcased on the table.

Capture d’écran 2023-07-17 171743.png


Laura and Julien opened their restaurant Le Mezquité, in the heart of Le Touquet, not far from where they did they started their carrer, Alexandre Gauthier's Grenouillère in Montreuil-sur-Mer. ​


They offer Franco-Mexican cuisine, in the image of their identity: "we complement it well by matching our sensitivities to the products and the terroir, both local and Mexican". ​

This fusion allows them to push the limits of their creativity by offering original and tasty cuisine, while working with local and seasonal products.


In the dining room, Laura introduces a menu of Mezcal and Tequila that evoke the flavors of Mexico, sharing the history of these spirits that are so distinctive as well as the love of wines that became her great passion when she arrived in France! ​


The menu signed by Julien and Laura honors the producers with whom they have worked for so many years!

Capture d’écran . 2022-05-15 à 12.58.11.png


Lycée hôtelier Jessé de Forest

In the kitchen and during the service, students from the Lycée hôtelier Jessé de Forest in Avesnes sur Helpe, supervised by Frederic Rousse, will work with the Chef.

Frédéric Rousse has been a cooking teacher at tlycée hôtelier d'Avesnes sur Helpe since 2011 but has been teaching since 1998. It was during his years as a teacher at the Léonard de Vinci high school that he had Julien as a student. 

10 students are taking part in this educational and rewarding project!

Thank you to the Principal of the establishment Principal  Mr. Van Wynendaele for this precious support.


The J.C. David Establishments have acquired an unparalleled mastery in the art of preparing the delicacies of our oceans: smoked herring, haddock, smoked salmon, and much more. Each variety of fish is carefully selected, then meticulously salted and smoked following the ancestral traditions of their workshop in Boulogne-sur-Mer.


Licques Volailles is committed to offering high-quality, tasty products derived from environmentally friendly and animal welfare-oriented farming. Each poultry is raised free-range on farms in the Hauts-de-France. The company offers a wide range of products to satisfy all tastes and occasions.

Minus Farm is an urban micro-farm of edible insects that raises and processes its products in the Hauts-de-France. Edible insects provide a healthy and sustainable alternative to traditional protein production, requiring neither cultivable land nor a large amount of water.


At Vitaminherb, the company makes the inexhaustible palette of living aromatic herbs accessible, offering a delight from nature with ultra-fresh, nutrient-rich food. The careful selection of plants and their cultivation are taken care of in the greenhouses of Verlinghem, near Lille.

Cultivated in the region of Le Touquet with ancestral knowledge, Ratte potatoes are carefully produced by local farmers. On the brink of being degraded in the early 60s, the Ratte was regenerated by André Hennuyer for the great pleasure of consumers, who later founded the brand in 1969. Whether in mash, fries, or pan-fried, the Rattes promise a tasty and gourmet experience!


Producer of live vegetables, Arnaud works in harmony with nature, with respect for customers by offering them healthy vegetables with maximized nutritional and taste properties.

This market gardener strives to cultivate new varieties for his customers. It provides gourmet tables and chefs committed to responsible gastronomy. On the farm, fruits and vegetables grow on an area of 13,000 m2 of greenhouses and 100 hectares of land. 

There are more than 50 varieties of vegetables, with 6 different sizes to meet the needs of a multitude of customers. Latest find: sweet potato, wasabi, eel-head chicory, etc. ! 

Petrossian, a family company, has been a French institution for over 100 years, so often associated with caviar that it has become its synonym.

The Petrossian brothers were the first to establish caviar in France, in 1920, thus pursuing a family destiny dedicated to caviar since Lazare Mailoff, ancestor of a maternal branch which held fishing concessions on the Caspian since 1815. The success achieved exceeded all expectations. In this country, symbol of gastronomy, caviar becomes the deliciously exotic dish that everyone loves. 

famille petrossian.png
mignardises saint jean.jpg

Julien Véron's famous family creperie and its artisanal ice cream parlor have established themselves as an essential gourmet address in Le Touquet. For more than 40 years, the house has been delighting passers-by by offering a wide choice of buckwheat pancakes, sweet pancakes, ice creams and other sweets.


Domaine des Coteaux.jpg

The history of the Domaine des Coteaux Blancs has existed for nearly half a century. In 2022, this magnificent vineyard is taken over by Jannick Jarry & Co, located on the foothills of the Corniche Angevine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The vineyard extends over more than 20 hectares with sometimes clay-loam-sandy soils on the hillsides, others mainly sandy composed of alluvium deposited several million years ago, depending on the evolution of the relief. geographic, but still sandstone schist on the plateaus adjoining the Corniche. It is with passion that they produce quality wines that reflect the beauty of the Angevin terroirs.

Their mission is to preserve the environment, respect biodiversity, limit inputs; in order to best reflect the complexity and richness of their terroirs through a panel of wines produced in AOC, IGP, VDF and finally Crémant de Loire; where each of their vintages is unique.

In organic conversion for 3 years, 2024 will be their first harvest in organic farming, synonymous with their commitment.

You will discover 3 emblematic cuvées on Friday and Saturday evenings.

France Boisson is the leading distributor of beverages to restaurants.

For the occasion, France Boisson will provide one of the three evenings 3 cuvées from their partner winegrowers, as well as all the non-alcoholic drinks including the waters which will be served on the three dinners. 

La Fermenterÿ is the result of the encounter of Aurélien and Matthieu. The first was head sommelier in the gourmet restaurant of the Atlantic Hotel in Wimereux. The second worked in the wine trade. One had discovered the world of tea while writing his thesis, the other while making kefir with his wife at home. Both are passionate about fermentation. 

"We wanted to highlight in our drinks the aromatic teas and selected plants, reflections of their terroir, it is the DNA of our kombucha today."

La Fermenterÿ was born in 2020. They offer fermented products, alcohol-free, pleasant and beneficial, which reveal the aromas of their terroir for unique tasting experiences!


Pernod Ricard, world number 2 in wines & spirits, participates in dinners as a beverage partner and provides the signature drink of the dinner: mezcal.

In 2017, the very famous Del Maguey mezcal brand joined the Pernod Ricard group, whose ambition is to preserve the ancestral know-how of the Zapotecs, the indigenous people of Mexico. This drink, produced from different varieties of agaves, is an essential marker of Mexican culture.

Jean-Christophe Cambier, owner of the Cambier brasserie, joins the ranks of dinner partners. Wishing to highlight regional products, Jean-Christophe will offer an elderberry white beer which will fit perfectly with the world of the restaurant Le Mezquité.
Jean-Christophe, as a true craftsman, surrounds himself with around ten people to run the brewery from A to Z.

Although very respectful of traditional brewing techniques, Jean-Christophe gives free rein to his creativity and expresses all his know-how by revealing new accords, blends and aromas. This is certainly what makes his beers unique.



Dîners at Le Touquet
3 dates

Join us on 

Spring 2024

Dinner at the Q de bouteilles factory

Allée de la Royale Air Force

Le Touquet

Factory tour

Wine and Food Pairing

Six-course dinner

From 7 PM to 11 PM



Addresses we recommend:

COMING TO Le Touquet

Allée de la royale air force, 62520 LE TOUQUET-PARIS-PLAGE

By train:

5 km from Etaples Le Touquet station

By car:

260 km from Paris

140 km from Lille

200m from Le Touquet - Côte d'Opale airport


If you have specific questions about this event please contact us

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