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This is a first: in collaboration with Le Club du Souper, we offer you a dinner in a unique setting, at the gates of Saint-Emilion, at the Domaine de Perrotin.


For a magical evening, come and enjoy a moment of serenity in a bucolic place. ​ After years of a history rich in memories, this family place, imbued with a particular atmosphere specific to places that have seen so many joys, welcomes guests and events. ​


Discover the magnificent gardens for an aperitif, then let yourself be charmed by the Château's reception room. ​


It is possible to stay on site; indeed 22 beds are offered for our guests.



Le Club du Souper
à la belle étoile

This dinner will be orchestrated in collaboration with the Club du Souper.


Who are they?

Camille, Arthur and Alex designed this event agency, creating pop up culinary experiences in unique and unexpected places in Paris.

Each month, a Chef has a free menu to express his creativity and his desire to share his cuisine. ​


Local products, tableware chosen with care, friendliness and good humor are values ​​that we share! ​


It is only natural that Le Club du Souper and A la belle étoile join forces to create this first dinner, in an exceptional place outside the walls of Paris, with exceptional Chefs, and which will take up the codes of each of the concepts.


We promise you a timeless dinner where gastronomy, local products and conviviality will be there!


Soufiane & Camille
L'Huitrier Pie

Camille Brouillard and Soufiane Assarrar can be proud of their journey!


Their restaurant, L'Huitrier Pie, three Gault et Millau toques, opened its doors only three years ago and is already reaping the recognition of professionals and all their customers, who have the chance to have lunch or dinner in their little haven of peace.


Discreet, daring, hardworking and sincere, they offer a modern and gourmet cuisine, where rigor and technique are found but also a deep attachment to local products and producers. ​


In Saint-Émilion in New Aquitaine, L'Huitrier Pie is a gourmet restaurant housed in a charming historic setting, in a 16th century residence. Soufiane and Camille have retained the soul of the place, and designed a contemporary and bright setting in order to receive their guests in the best possible way, between a shaded terrace and a spacious dining room.


Camille takes care of the appetizers, starters, desserts and pre-desserts, while Soufiane works on the hot dishes. A balance that is naturally created between these two accomplices and passionate personalities, who knew how to surround themselves with a dynamic and benevolent team.


"Around vegetal inspirations that vary with the seasons, from a careful selection of products and respecting a local and sustainable approach, we embark on a gourmet, modern and touching culinary journey." ​


We are happy and honored to have by our side two great talented chefs, who will cook for the occasion outside their walls. They chose the winegrowers and producers who will be honored during this dinner.



Behind the wines served on this evening, there is also a family story.


Château Arbo is a story that began in 2015. Astrid & Dorian meet at the Lycée Viticole de Montagne-Saint-Émilion. Dorian represents the 5th generation of a family of winegrowers. Together, they wander around the world a bit, then they decide to embark on the adventure of Château Arbo.

ùThey have chosen to make wines that resemble them. Respectful of the environment, they restructure the vineyard they have acquired and which extends over 6.5 hectares, in order to obtain a beautiful raw material to create a Grand Vin. ​

They have 12 different plots (in green on the map), planted between 1950 and 2021, with an average age of 35 years. ​

To learn more about the winemaking process, we invite you to read everything on their site here.

During dinner you will of course taste the wine of Domaine Perrotin.

The vines are located in the Entre-deux-Mers region, lulled by the gentle ocean, the 3 hectares planted on clay-limestone soil.

Red grape varieties are largely in the majority, giving pride of place to Merlot and Cabernet, these two pillars of Bordeaux viticulture. They will here express round and fleshy, tannic and generous characters, without which Bordeaux would not be quite Bordeaux.

You will discover Antonin Jamois' sparkling wine as an aperitif.

He works in organic farming, and is also inspired by permaculture to preserve soil fertility and promote biodiversity in the vines.

The harvest is manual, carried out in crates. The vinification cellar located below makes it possible to preserve all the freshness of the fruit. The grapes are vinified without inputs, with native yeasts and without added sulphur. An underground cellar, a freestone quarry from the 19th century, is used to age the reds in barrels at a constant temperature and to carry out the fermentation of the sparkling wines.

Chateau Arbo vignes
Domaine Perrotin
Chateau Arbo Saint-Emilion
Château Arbo plan


This great gentleman, with a melodious accent and a frank smile, has been raising poultry, near the Landes department, for Chefs for nearly 35 years.

Son of dairy cow breeders, living in the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques on the edge of the Landes, Pierre started raising poultry when it was necessary to diversify the activity of the farm in order to be able to increase the income of the family. He was barely 20 years old. Gradually, poultry replaced cows. Today he raises pullets, pullets, guinea fowl, quail and ducks.

On his farm you will find yellow bare neck pullets, semi-wild ducks (cross between Green Collar males and Khaki Campbell females), Rouen ducks (bred between June and November only), Isabella quail, guinea fowl and many others…

Each of its poultry will be the subject of a very precise breeding. When the ducks grow up for 5 weeks in the warmth, in a cabin of their own, before going out to frolic for the rest of their lives, the pullets and guinea fowl evolve in different environments according to the stage of their life. The same goes for their food.

Read more about Pierre's profile  HERE.


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A la belle étoile dinner

Dining à la belle étoile x the supper club
Join us

Date: TBC

Dinner at the Domaine de Perrotin

Food/wine pairing



160 euros per person

All included 

Possibility to stay on site


You can either stay at the Domaine de Perrotin or in one of these hotels 

Hotel L'Epicurial

Dame Chouette

Maison de Maître Eligia

Château de Courtebotte


how To get there

By train: Castillon Station Libourne train station Bordeaux train station ​

By car:

15km from Saint-Emilion

60km from Bordeaux

211 kilometer(s) from La Rochelle

600 km from Paris


If you have specific questions about this event please contact us

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